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Attention Martial Artists in Louisiana, Who Else Wants 20 Amazing Heavy Bag Circuits and 4 Instructional Videos, Guaranteed To Increase Punching Power Build Incredible Cardio, Torch Body Fat And Teach You Knockout Combos!


Hello fighters and athletes in Louisiana,

The MMA Conditioning Association highly recommends this program from standout Certified MMA Conditioning Coach Funk Roberts.  We are happy to introduce the new Heavy Bag Workout Circuits for Louisiana MMA Athletes, Muay Thai Fighters, Kickboxers, Boxers and people that want to build the body of a fighter. These HIIT circuits will become a regular workout in your overall training program to help you improve all attributes of your striking, while developing combos that can transfer into throwing knockout blows.

Residents of Louisiana, you get the following:


The simple "how to" instructional workout videos you will watch a breakdown of each drill within the circuits and see the speed, power and endurance needed to crush through these training sessions and reach your conditioning goals. Each workout is shot in High Definition from different angles so you see how to do it right.


In this manual you will learn how implementing the heavy bag into your overall strength and conditioning training will make you an all around better combat fighter. We will give you tips to using the heavy bag to ensure you are using the heavy bag effectively.

What the NEW Funk-Flex Heavy?Bag Workouts Will Do For You!

  • Develop Explosive Upper Body Power and Strength
  • Build Up Your Cardio and Stamina with HIIT Heavy Bag Circuits
  • Improve Your Punching Power for Knockout Blows
  • Increase Kicking Power
  • Shoulder and Overall Muscular Endurance
  • Learn to Throw Lethal Combinations
  • Improve Your Striking Technique
  • Become More Efficient with Your Striking
  • Teach You Long, Medium, Short Range Striking
  • Be Faster With Your Punches
  • Gain Core And Abs Strength
  • Burn Body Fat
  • Better Your Balance, Movement and Agility
  • Lose Weight & ?Attain More Muscle Memory
  • Have More Confidence

This program is awesome.

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